Roof leaks repaired, Leak detection a specialty

Just Roof Repairs.

We Just Fix Roofs!

Our specialty is locating those pesky leaks and stopping them, for good.

We give a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Lifetime Guarantee! How do we do that?

That’s what other tradespeople ask me. They have even kindly advised me that by law I only have to give the statutory 2 year warranty and then all kinds of disclaimers can be added in case it’s not your fault.

My response is that if I have found the problem and fixed it will it happen again? 
No, not if the problem was diagnosed correctly and the roof repaired properly. 
How could it? So why not guarantee what I do, forever! 
Roof Replacement or Restoration. Yes, of course we don’t just fix roofs. That's just one area of expertise.
As a licensed roofing company that can do whatever you need. If your roof is beyond repair we will quote to replace your roof with a new one or if your roof is still sound and just looks shabby we can restore it to its original beauty. 
We are licensed:
  • Roof Plumbers  - All metal roofing and guttering.
  • Roof Tilers - All tiled roofing work.
  • Roof Restorers  - Registered applicators for Dulux Roof Restoration Systems.
  • Waterproofing -  Membrane application.
 So once we repair your roof and it’s doing what it’s meant to do then we can recoat the roof so it complements the rest of your home.

Dear Bob, 
Bless your little cotton socks- I feel I must write to you to tell you how grateful I am that you have managed to stop the water coming in to my new bathroom and it has really been put to the test considering the rain we have had.
Geraldine -Chatswood
Call Bob: 0418 677 188
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